Friday, February 10, 2012


This picture has nothing to do with anything, but when I Googled "seedlings," this came up.
I now need pink and purple beans. Immediately.

You know what I hate? Coming up with a good idea for a blog post and then completely forgetting what it was. It happens quite regularly. Pretty much daily.

So, I've started jotting down phrases and words that I think I may want to blog about later.

It hasn't helped. Now I just have a bunch of words and phases that I either can't remember what they mean, or aren't really worthy of a post.

So, I'm just going to put them all here exactly the way I wrote them and you can use your imagination.

  • I'm on the fence about his facial hair. Pokey yet sexy.
  • If the cat was human I'd have filed a restraining order by now.
  • Cheese. It's creamy.
  • Why am I really, really good at things I hate to do?
  • I see what you did there, Valentines makers. 20 cards per box. 21 kids in the class.
  • Running can bite me.
  • Tell me again why I thought this would be a good idea?
  • You better be prepared to eat asparagus every night.
  • Take away my geek card. The Big Bang Theory makes me stabby.
  • Fun with avocados.
  • Just because someone is WRONG doesn't mean they're STUPID. Usually.
  • Me: What did you do in PE? Amelia: We played Silent Ball. Me: That teacher is a genius. Why didn't I think of Silent Ball?

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