Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The difference a day makes.

So, if you happen to run into me today, be warned that I might punch you in the taco. I'm in a foul mood.

Will was supposed to leave Afghanistan for his 2 weeks of R&R tomorrow. He went today to make sure everything was set for his flight and was told, "Oops. We don't fly on Thursdays anymore. Forgot to tell you that last week when you came in to schedule everything. You should have flown out today instead. You'll have to try your luck a different day. Sorry that I'm such an idiot that I forgot to tell you that we don't actually have any flights on the day I told you you'd fly. Heehee."

O.K., so maybe I'm paraphrasing. But just a little.

I'd love to be able to give you another example--and oh, it's a good example--of the intelligence and good decision making of this person, but several years ago I agreed that Will's job was off limits on the blog. I'm probably walking a very fine line as it is.

Anyway, this means that he'll be delayed leaving Afghanistan by at least a day.

And really, a day isn't much, I know that. And there's no knowing how many days he'll be stuck in Kuwait waiting for a flight, or Germany, or wherever else he might have to stop before he finally gets to Atlanta and can catch a commercial flight home. So, this delay in leaving Afghanistan may not change when he would have gotten here anyway.

But talk about a morale killer. His and mine. That (hopefully only one) extra day feels like they told him he had to wait three weeks.

It's been a long six months, with another long six months to go. The light at the end in the middle of the tunnel was finally in sight, and now it feels like someone rolled a boulder in front of the opening.

(So, speaking Will's R&R, I'll be otherwise occupied for the next couple of weeks. Anyone want to do a guest post? It doesn't even have to be new material. Maybe you have a post on your own blog that you particularly like and want to share. E-mail me at the address on the above right. Put guest post in the subject so I know it's not spam and/or hate mail. Although I haven't gotten any hate mail lately. I miss it.)

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