Monday, June 4, 2012

Words of Wisdom

  • The more you like a recipe, the more your family will hate it.

    • If a friend dares you to Google something, do not do it.

      • Six year olds will be brutally honest about your appearance, even when their thoughts on the matter are not solicited. 
        • If you find yourself Googling "Is Rainbow Dash a girl or a boy," you've been watching way too much My Little Pony on Netflix. 
          • Do not be the least bit surprised to find that there are whole forums dedicated to the discussion of Rainbow Dash's gender. 
              • Rainbow Dash is a girl, in case you were wondering. But I think maybe she and Apple Jack have done some experimenting, ifyouknowwhatImean.  

                • Pinterest really is a life-sucking vortex that will only make you feel inadequate for not coming up with those things on your own. 
                  • Cats will never judge you for that third cookie. 
                    • If  you haven't watched Sherlock, you must do so immediately.  We need to talk about it. 
                      • Immediately means right now.  Get going!
                          I've had an inexplicable crush on Mr. Holmes since I started watching. 
                          I finally realized that if you cut the hair and added glasses, he'd look like Will.

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