Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Morning Confessions

So, it's been a long time since I broke out the Thursday Morning Confessions.

1. I've started getting up at 5:15 every morning so that I can have 45 minutes of quiet, alone time to drink my protein shake, read the news and e-mails and get dressed before I have to wake the kids up. And I love it. It's worth the loss of sleep.

2. There's a kid across the street who has hit/pinched/kicked/bitten Liam every day on the bus since school started last week. The bus driver sent a note home to his mother, but it's still happening. I've been thinking all day about how to appropriately threaten a 7 year old if it happens again today. I'm guessing that pulling him aside and saying "If you touch my kid again I'll kick your little ass so hard that you'll have to poop through your ears" will likely land me in jail. Or something.

3. I get a twisted sort of satisfaction when I work out with someone and they end up really, really sore because I got them to work things they don't usually work. (Sorry Stephanie).

4. I've gained enough weight (about 15 pounds) since the tummy tuck that I'm in official freak out mode. I've dropped 5 of the 15 over the past couple of weeks, but I'll be really glad when Amelia starts school every day in a couple of weeks and I can get back to the gym on a daily basis.

5. I'm annoyed with the army this week. Will has to deploy to Afghanistan for a year in about 5 months. We knew that, we expected that. I don't like it, obviously, but we knew to plan for it long before we got here. The kids have a week long break from school in October. Since it's just a couple of months before Will leaves, I thought it would be a good chance for a little family vacation. But, no. Will has to go to Texas for training for almost the entire month of October. So, not only does that rule out a family vacation, but it also means I'll have to deal with my kids on my own for the whole week that they're on vacation, and knowing that I'll have a whole year of that coming up very, very soon just makes that week seem unbearable.

6. I took Amelia's pacifier away at a year because I didn't want her to be one of those four year olds still using one (if your four year old still uses one, let me just fill you in: it looks ridiculous and people are talking about it behind your back). Anyway, my plan backfired because she started sucking on her blankie instead. And it's really started to give her bucked teeth. Soooo....while she was at school on Tuesday, "someone" came and "stole" all her blankies. Honestly, she was so distraught and heartbroken that I nearly gave them back. But, she hasn't sucked on anything for three days now. And if she needs therapy later on as a result of this, hopefully she'll be old enough that I won't have to pay for it.

7. I freakin' love America's Next Top Model, and I have no explanation as to why.

8. Butterflies can be vicious when they gang up with all their butterfly friends. They may not bite or sting, but when you have 10 of them bomb diving your face all at once, it's very disturbing.

9. I've been baking my own bread instead of buying it, and my kids think I'm the best ever because of it. But secretly I hate having to make it and I kind of want to just start buying it again.

10. I get a lot of texts for the person who used to have my number. Lately I've been replying to them as if I'm her. Or more accurately, like her if she had severe mental illness.

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