Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well groomed pussies.

So, We have cats now. Cats. As in, plural.

A couple of friends found themselves in a situation where they couldn't have their two beloved kitties live with them anymore. So, I said I'd take them. They arrived on Saturday. Or as my kids referred to it all last week, Caturday.

I know some of you are probably confused right now. I have made it clear here time and time again that I'm not really an animal lover. Honestly, animal hater is really a more accurate description.

But, cats are an exception. We always had cats when I was growing up, and I'm willing to forgive things from cats that I'm not willing to forgive in other animals. Kind of like my relationship with Ricky Martin. (Call me Ricky. I've got your Cup of Life right here.)

So anyway, we've been adjusting to life with cats.

The first couple of days, the kids were insane. They followed those poor cats around relentlessly, and drove me crazy with their constant running commentary on just exactly what the cats were doing at each moment. "Mom! Mom! MOM! She's sleeping on the couch!" Five minutes later, "Mom! Mom! MOM! She's still sleeping on the couch!"
They've finally mellowed out a little.

Last night we got some catnip.

Reenie, the Siamese, was all over that stuff like a sorority girl at a kegger. Stripes, a gray tabby, wasn't interested. She just kept eying Reenie with a disdainful look that seemed to say, "Just say no! You know this can only end with a picture of you topless and high on Facebook."

High on the 'nip.

So, if nothing else, they're entertaining. And it's nice to come home from the gym and have someone glad I'm home. Even if it is just because I'm keeper of the treats.

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