Sunday, June 12, 2011

That one time my anniversary sucked.

My actual wedding ring. Which I love. So if you don't like it
feel free to shut your pie hole.

So, yesterday was my anniversary.

And I was alone.

But it was still better than the last time I was alone for our anniversary. That was four years ago, the first time he was gone for a year.

It was our 10th anniversary, which is kind of a big deal. I don't know why ten is more important than, say, eleven. Eleven is MORE. But we like those nice, even numbers I guess.

Anyway, I woke up to find that Amelia had had a diaper blow out of massive proportions. Liam was sick. Ben was...Ben. Will was on a British base in Iraq getting the crap bombed out of it. It wasn't a great day.

And then sometime after breakfast I noticed that the diamond from my wedding ring was gone.

On my 10th anniversary.

When I was alone.

I know that it's just a thing. Just a stone that can be replaced. I mean, it came from ShopKo, not Tiffany's, and was bought during an 80% off sale with my employee discount on top of that (Don't knock 80% off sales and employee discounts, people. We saved over $2500. It's better than a fistful of coupons and a shopping cart full of hot dogs and Jello). But anyway, I was really, really upset. I locked myself in my room and cried for about an hour.

Then I searched the house with a magnifying glass. The problem was, I had no idea when I lost it. I discovered it was gone on my anniversary, but it could have been missing for days before that. It was gone.

I sucked it up and got it replaced. I didn't even upgrade to a bigger diamond and it still cost twice as much as we originally paid for the ring.

I had a point here but I don't remember what it was anymore.

Don't pay full price for jewelry? Anniversaries suck when you're alone? I should have replaced it with cubic zirconium and saved a few hundred bucks?

I think it was something like that.

In any case, yesterday was disaster free. It still sucked that we couldn't be together, but it was nice to wake up and realize that we've made it through 14 years without divorcing and/or killing each other.

That's no small feat.

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