Friday, September 30, 2011

But what does it mean?

Look! Up there! It's my new header! How many exclamation points can I use before you get annoyed and click on to the next blog!?! !!!!!!!

So, yeah. I'm excited about it. It was created by the lovely and talented Meridth Gimbel. I met her at her baby shower, and she mentioned she was an illustrator. So I Googled her (because I'm too awkward and shy to just ask her for her website). And I loved what I saw. So I asked (well, e-mailed--awkward and shy, remember?) if she'd consider doing a header for me. Even though she had just given birth, and even though my budget was ridiculously small, she agreed.

And here we are.

(This was one of my favorite illustrations of hers that I found while stalking her looking at her blog and portfolio.)

Luckily, she reads my blog now and again, so she had a pretty good idea of what it should be right from the beginning. Which is good, because I didn't really even know myself.

However, since I put the header up last night, I've had a few people ask what "My Summer Cottage in Babylon" even means.

Waaay back when I had approximately 14 readers, 13 of whom were also Mormons, one of our church leaders gave a talk telling us to give up our summer cottages in Babylon. Meaning, quit sinning. Stop hanging onto a few a of your favorite sins even though they're ridiculously fun.

About the same time, I wrote some posts that really rubbed some of my fellow church goers the wrong way. For a time, this became the Blog of Sin, leading everyone astray. Obviously.

I was not only on the expressway to hell, but I was in the carpool lane with a full minivan.

Sin, schmin. If sex between a married couple, or believing all people are entitled to the same rights regardless of sexual orientation, or wearing thigh high fishnets to church is a sin, then yes, I guess they were right.

Anyway, some of my friends joked that my blog was my summer cottage in Babylon. And it stuck. And slowly the readership grew. And now most of you have no idea what that phrase means, or what the new header represents.

So, there you go.

Welcome sinners!

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