Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Getting my (TV) groove back.

So, I used to watch A LOT of TV. Like, a lot a lot. And then kids happened, and living in Europe for four years before the invention of internet connections fast enough to stream shows online. And my TV watching went right out the window. My repertoire dwindled to Thomas the Tank Engine and Teletubbies. I did manage to keep up with Alias for a while, but then I really stopped caring about the Rimbaldi device and quit watching it a couple of seasons before it ended.

Then we moved back from Germany the same week that Lost premiered. Also? I discovered two new-fangled networks that had come into existence while I was gone. HGTV and Bravo.

Why, hello TV. I missed you.

And for the past seven years that's mostly all I watched.

And then Lost ended last year. And then I had the brilliant idea to ditch cable when we moved.

Since then the TV has just become that large, shiny object that my kids watch Netflix on that I have to dust every week.

I've kept up with Project Runway and America's Next Top Model (because there's nothing better for your body image issues than a twice weekly dose of models), but that's been it.

Until last week.

The lonely nights finally got to me and I decided to check out some of the new shows this season.

I've caught up on The New Girl (Love it!), Whitney (Liked it, but starting to hate it. Not all great comedians are also great actors), Up All Night (Love it!), Combat Hospital (Love it!), and my new favorite show, Terra Nova.

I know. Shut up.

I've read the reviews, and I kind of agree with them. The dialog can be lame. The acting not so great. But I don't care. It's like someone took CSI, ER, Sliders, Jurassic Park and Lost, and rolled them all up into one big, cheesy ball and I couldn't be happier. I plan to watch the heck out of this show until it gets canceled.

I'm just hoping it lasts through the rest of this deployment.

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