Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thank you, karma.

So, remember how someone thought it would be a great idea to call CPS because of a post I wrote about Ben? And remember how a lot of you wrote in the comments that you hoped karma would get them?

Well, karma didn't infect them with syphilis, nasal herpes and a raging case of shingles like I'd hoped. (At least I don't think so, but who knows? Maybe!) BUT karma did see fit to have my post about it catch the attention of BlogHer.

I was contacted earlier today and asked if they could syndicate the post. On their site. Where thousands and thousands of people could read it. Oh, and they'd pay me for it, too.

I know you've already read the post here, but click on over and look at it THERE. Please? I mean, after the disappointment of getting cut from the big OB Tampon article on ABC News, this may be the closest to fame I'll ever get.

Oh, and anonymous CPS reporter? Suck it.

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