Monday, October 31, 2011

It's the man with the badge, the PO-lice, the cops, the fuzz, the P-I-...

(Name that movie for 5 million points)

So, first, let me get the obligatory Halloween costume pictures out of the way.

Good? O.K.

So, as you can see, Liam was a policeman. At the very first house we went to, the woman who answered the door jokingly yelled back to her husband, "Hide the weed, the po-po's here!"

Liam has no idea what that means, but he thought it was hilarious.

So hilarious, in fact, that he spent the next hour yelling it through the neighborhood and saying it in lieu of "trick or treat" when he approached a door.


Despite my begging, pleading and threatening, at every door the people of my neighborhood were greeted by a seven year old yelling "Hide the weed, the po-po's here!"

That ought to go over well at the CPS follow up visit.

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