Friday, January 20, 2012

Help Wanted

So, I was going to write about how I think there's a serial killer dressed as Santa hiding in my house, but I have a blinding migraine (maybe the killer is poisoning me!), so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

If he doesn't dismember me by then, that is.

But I did want to get this plea for your guest posts out there today.

My husband should finally be home sometime this weekend. Next week he has to go into work every single day (including the weekend), so I'll still be writing to keep myself occupied. But the following week he begins two weeks of leave. I don't plan to be on here very much during those two weeks. So, my dear internets, I need you. I need your guest posts.

They can be about anything you like. And you there--yeah, you! The one thinking you can't write very well--yes you CAN. You can write just fine.

And hey, the last time I had someone guest post, it was featured on BlogHer.

So, send them in! (

Now I'm going to go lie in a dark room before my eyeballs explode.

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