Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fire Safety Week: Apparently a lot like Shark Week.

So, this week has been Fire Safety Week at Liam and Amelia's elementary school.

In Georgia, they made it fun. Liam would come home with plastic fire hats, coloring books, and we'd have to listen to him lecture us about what to do in a fire for about two weeks afterward. "Mom, if there's a fire, DON'T hide in the closet!" "If there's a fire and you can't get out of your room, stand by the window." "If there's a fire, we should all meet across the street where the bus picks us up." "Sometimes firemen look scary in their uniforms, but they're our friends." "Stop drop and roll! Stop drop and roll! STOP DROP AND ROLL!!!!"

Apparently Tennessee takes the scare-the-bejeebers-out-of-them approach to fire safety.

I don't know what they've done this week, but in addition to coloring books, fire hats and stop drop and roll, Liam and Amelia have also been waking up screaming and terrified because of fire nightmares.

Tonight I discovered that Liam had taken his water bottle to bed with him so he could put out fires.

During bedtime prayers, they've both been fervently praying that they will not die in a fire. And that "mommy will remember to replace the batteries in our smoke detectors. Amen."

Yesterday they came in from playing and I'd lit a scented candle. They completely freaked out. Didn't I know that candles start house fires? Hello, mom, do you want us to die of smoke inhalation?

I just heard Amelia sobbing in bed and when I asked her what the problem was she said, "We don't have a rope ladder, so if a fire blocked the stairs WE'D ALL DIE. "

So, thanks Tennessee. I totally needed my kids to develop an unnatural anxiety about death by fire this week. Super awesome.

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