Monday, October 11, 2010

I think you're crazy.

I'm pretty sure that I've been watching one of my old friends slowly lose her mind via Facebook posts.

No, I'm not talking about you.

Really! I'm not.

She and I were never really close friends, but closer than acquaintances, and I hadn't heard from her in about 6 years. A few months ago I got a Facebook friend request from her and I accepted.

And for quite awhile her posts were fairly normal. If ever they were strange, I chalked it up to the fact that English wasn't her first language, and she didn't live among Americans until she was an adult. I figured something just got lost in translation.

But then...then they got crazy.

She's an artist--a rather talented one--and she changed her profile picture to a portrait of herself and her new boyfriend that she'd painted. In it, she's wearing a long, princess-like gown and a tiara and he's topless and wearing black jeans, and is pulling her to his pasty-white torso. Oh, and they have this halo thing surrounding both their heads. And it's so freaking disturbing I had nightmares about it kind of creepy.

Then she started posting things that were supposed to be amazing connections (you know, like all the things JFK and Abraham Lincoln had in common), except there were no actual connections. Just weird things she made up. For example, she shared the "amazing" fact that the word American was derived from the phrase A Mary Can, which, hello, must mean Mary, Jesus' mother! And therefore that proves America is God's chosen land.

And then a couple of weeks ago she posted on a mutual friend's wall that she wanted to share a secret. Her new boyfriend was really God and she was really Mary, and he had come to dwell within her forever. Isn't that the most special and amazing thing? (That last line is an exact quote.)

Whaa? Huhh? Well, maybe that explains the painting?

Then over the past week she's posted a couple of random, profanity laced, rants.

And I kind of want to block her, but part of me wants to see what crazy thing she'll post next.

(And before I get hate mail, I DID send her a private message AND an e-mail asking if she was doing O.K. or needed anything, but she never responded. And I don't have an address or phone number.)

What would you do, internets?

And no, I'm not posting the painting. I'm not!

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