Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So, last night Liam asked me where he was from.

"You were born in Germany."

"I know I was born in Germany, mom. But I only lived there for two weeks. Where am I from?"

And then Amelia piped in with, "Yeah, where are we from, mom?"

Ummm....You're from nowhere.

How do military families answer this? I'd never really given it much thought. Even though we moved around a lot, I always say I'm from Maine. I was born there and lived there until I was ten. My family is all from there, and most still lived there for most of my life. Will says he's from Wyoming. He lived there almost his whole life, and his parents are still there.

But my kids? They're not from anywhere. We counted it up and all three have lived the majority of their lives so far in Maryland. So, for now they're from Maryland, I guess? But in the future, if we live someplace longer than five years, does that mean that they suddenly become from there?

It's sort of unsettling, the thought that my kids aren't from anywhere. They have no roots. No hometown.

Anyway, I told them that if someone asks where they're from, they can answer, "Everywhere."

It's less creepy than saying nowhere.

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