Wednesday, April 20, 2011

That's it, Tennessee. We're fighting.

So, at around 12:45 AM my phone rang. It was Weather Call calling to inform me that a tornado was in my area. I always take their calls seriously, because they don't call if there's just a warning in my county. They only call if there's something in your neighborhood. Just as the call came in, the tornado sirens started going off. I hopped out of bed, grabbed my phone, and as I was sliding my feet into my slippers, I pulled the blinds apart to see what it looked like outside.

What I saw was my trampoline. Outside my bedroom window.

That probably doesn't sound like a big deal, except that my bedroom window is on the opposite side of the house from where the trampoline lives.

Also, my bedroom window is on the second floor.

So, I ran and dragged the kids out of bed and we rushed down to our "safe room," which is a tiny half bathroom on the first floor.

I turned the kitchen radio up so we could hear it in the bathroom, grabbed a couple of flashlights, and barricaded ourselves in the bathroom.

Ever spent 45 stressful minutes barricaded in an itty bitty bathroom with your three kids at one in the morning? It's super fun. They didn't care that our house was shaking and the power was flickering and the sound of the wind was like someone screaming. They were too busy fighting over floor space and whose pillow was touching whose.

At 1:30 we finally got the all clear and headed to bed.

I didn't sleep a whole lot at that point.

Anyway, here was the scene this morning.

My poor tulips and peach tree.

It flew all the way from the ground, up and over that section of the house.

And the most ridiculous part of all, the little two pound step stool the
kids used to get in and out of it didn't move an inch.

I'm really kind of tired of this weather, Tennessee. Consider us fighting.

Oh, and in the time I've been writing this, three people have come to the door to claim the trampoline as theirs.

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