Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess Fever

Amelia would give her right arm and probably an eyeball to be one of those bridesmaids.
She'd commit murder to be Kate.

Amelia: Mom, are princesses real?

Me: Yes.

Amelia: Where do they live? Do they have castles?

Me: They live all over the place. Lots of countries have kings, queens, princes and princesses. And yes, some live in castles, but they're not like the castles you're thinking of.

Amelia: I want to see a real princess.

Me: Well, actually there's a girl who's going to marry a prince next week and she'll become a real princess.

Amelia: What?! Really?! SHE'S SO LUCKY!!!!!

(And then she ran off to play Barbies or something and the matter was forgotten. Until this morning when the royal wedding was all that was talked about on the radio.)

Amelia: Mom, is the wedding on TV?

Me: Yes.

Amelia: Can I watch it?

Me: Sorry, you have to go to school.

Amelia: I don't feel good. I think I need to stay home.

Me: No.

Amelia: My head is burning inside.

Me: No.

Amelia: I think I have to throw up.

Me: No.

Amelia: My leg is broken.

Me: NO.

Amelia: If you make me go to school and I throw up on the floor my teacher will be mad at you like the last time you made me go to school and I threw up on the floor.

Me: You're not going to throw up.

Amelia: Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssseeee can I stay home?

Me: No. But if you can be good at school, I'll let you watch it when you get home.

Amelia: (High pitch squeals that only wild boars and five year old girls can make).

She's been watching for an hour. I've never seen her so entranced.

At least it's keeping her quiet.

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