Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sex and the (temporarily) single girl

You're doing it wrong.

So, we're talking about sex again.

Every time I do, I seem to get in trouble with someone. But is that going to stop me? Heck no.

I have a friend who asked me to pose a somewhat delicate question to all of you. And yes, I know when I say "friend" it sounds like I'm asking for myself and trying to hide it. But really, this is for a friend.

I swear!

Anyway, she's an Army wife, and her husband is also deployed. (No really, it's not me!) And she's missing The Sex. A lot. And taking care of the problem herself (if you know what I mean) isn't an option she cares to pursue.

Here's her e-mail:
How do you deal with deployment sexually? For those of us who have a good sex life it's unbearable. And all the benefits in the military do not make up for the six months without sex. I tell you, we will be getting out of the military as soon as possible. I'm not doing this again. I don't really understand how you and [another friend who shall remain nameless] could stay in the military so long and put up with no sex for six months at a time. It's crazy and unbearable. I only want my sex with husband, and I'm uncomfortable with masturbation, and I don't know how to deal with that. Any advice?
So, internets, what advice can you give her?

As an added incentive, everyone who posts advice--real advice--will be entered for a giveaway. Monday I'll randomly choose one commenter and the winner can have their choice of THIS:

Or THIS:(Click links for descriptions)

O.K., internets, go. Help a girl out. (It's not me!)

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