Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Morning Confessions

When I was searching for images for this post, this came up.
I think I need to read it and then punch that woman square in the taco.

1. While I hate menu planning and grocery shopping, I love how my pantry and refrigerator are full when I do. I look at the shelves and know that if the zombie apocalypse happened right now, I could feed my family for at least a month. Assuming we don't become zombies.

2. I feel zero Christmas spirit. It doesn't feel AT ALL like Christmas to me. I'm dumbfounded that it's less than two weeks away.

3. Speaking of zero Christmas spirit, I haven't even enjoyed Christmas music this year. Usually I tune into a station that plays it 24/7 from Thanksgiving until the New Year, but this year, more often than not I find myself flipping stations to find regular music.

4. The exception being depressing Christmas music. Which there is a surprising quantity of. Yes, it is a blue, blue, blue Christmas. So baby please come home, because I'll be home for Christmas (if only in my dreams).

5. I finally put up new calendars. The ones I last put up were for October and November 2010.

6. Watching Terra Nova is usually the highlight of my week. Don't you judge me.

7. Three of my neighbors have put up bright blue and red Christmas lights, so every time I walk past my window I think there's a police standoff going on across the street.

8. I have recently become addicted to cheesy romance novels. Except, I don't get any romantic feeling from them. Pretty much every time I finish one I want to punch the main female character right in the taco for being an idiot.

9. I don't know if it's because of the holidays or what, but there has been a sad lack of stupidity on Facebook lately. I'm considering unblocking some people just for entertainment purposes.

10. I don't want to wrap presents by myself this year. It's usually something Will and I procrastinate together. Maybe I just won't wrap anything and pass it off as "thinking of the environment."

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