Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cheater cheater, pumpkin eater.

Looking at pictures like this from when he was a sweet baby is really the only thing keeping Ben alive tonight.

So, Ben has once again left me furious and speechless.

Tonight I noticed he had a pair of pajamas shoved in his toy box. I yanked them out with the intention of making him put them where they belong when a huge wad of $5 bills came flying out of them.

Fourteen $5 bills, to be exact.

These definitely didn't belong to him. He earns $3 a week, and that's if he does all of his chores. Usually it's closer to $2 a week.

I finally got him to confess where he'd gotten it from.

You see, our county fair was a couple of weeks ago. And the 4H program was really pushing the kids to enter something in the fair.

So, Ben smuggled in a quilt that his grandmother--who is pretty much a professional seamstress-- had sewn for him and entered it. You know, as his own work.

And he won.

I mean, of course he won. It was a professionally made quilt going up against sewing projects actually sewn by 5th graders.

So, I spent the evening on the phone with his teacher and the 4H director trying to figure out what we could do about this. As mad as I was (and am) at Ben, I'm more concerned about the poor kid who came in second place. Some 5th grader out there in our county actually put in a lot of effort and got shafted because Ben has officially joined the Dark Side.

Hopefully it will work out that the money (of which $12 is still missing, by the way) can be given to the 2nd place entry. In addition, Ben will be writing so many apology letters to so many people that he'll have carpal tunnel before Christmas.

But here's the real kicker. When I asked him why he would do such a thing, he said, "I know college is really expensive and I thought I could take the burden off you and dad by earning money."

Somebody give this kid an Oscar.

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