Saturday, November 28, 2009

Full of Holiday Awesomeness

First, two things:

1. Will and I got engaged 13 years ago yesterday. I was supposed to be working at ShopKo but I totally called in sick (yes, I worked in retail and called in sick on Black Friday. I know.) to hang out with him and ended up engaged. I would have written about it, but I wanted to see if he remembered. He didn't.

In his defense, he did remember the year he was deployed and sent me roses, causing my sister great bouts of envy.

2. We were on a family bike ride this morning and I was pulling Liam and Amelia in the trailer. This is a conversation that took place between them as we rode:
(First I guess you should know that they are obsessed with The Jackson Five Christmas songs and Liam was singing one).
Amelia: The old Michael Jackson was a brown boy but the new Michael Jackson is a white girl.
Liam: Yeah. Let's play Michael Jackson and I'll be the brown boy Michael Jackson and you can be the white girl Michael Jackson.
Amelia: O.K.!

It's moments like that that keep me from selling them all on the black market.

So anyway, I told you that I set up my Christmas tree on Thursday. Will casually mentioned that we should get a small tree for the kids to decorate since I'm kind of anal about how my tree is decorated.

I was at Wal-Mart yesterday (which, by the way, causes me to worry about the future of the new and oh-so convenient location six short minutes from my house. It was 11 am on Black Friday and the store was completely dead. The cashiers were waiting for people to get in line.) and they had 6 foot, pre-lit trees on sale for $15 and they were buy one get one free (Why they had Christmas trees buy one get one free, I don't know).

So, umm, I bought two.

The kids decorated the one on the left with home made paper ornaments. And, O.K., I prettied it up with some oversized ball ornaments and ribbons. I just couldn't help myself. My kids are talented, but they're no Martha Stewart (except for Ben, who will probably follow in her footsteps to white-collar prison someday).

It kind of looks like Christmas threw up in my house, but I love it. It's my personal Christmas wonderland.

And check out the mantle. I've waited 34 years to have a mantle at Christmas.

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