Monday, November 9, 2009


Knockers. Ta-tas. Melons. Bazooms. Boobies. Lady-pillows. Fun bags. Rack. Head lights. The Girls. Or, you know, breasts.

Whatever it is you call them, I'm gonna get some in February (barring any unforeseen financial crisis). I might even go ahead and get my tummy tuck then, too, depending on how much it will cost. Or there's the slight possibility that I may only get the tummy tuck and not the boobs. The military insurance is being difficult about elective plastic surgery these days and may never pay for the tummy tuck, so I may have to pay for it out of my own pocket, in which case I would opt for the tummy tuck over the boobs.

But for now, I'm looking on the bright side and planning on the boobs.

I asked Will if I should go bigger or just perkier.
His response: "What do you think about Salma Hayek's? Are they too big?"



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