Monday, November 2, 2009

Chester the Molester

That's my name for the new creepy guy at the pool.

He scares the bejeebers out of me.

I saw him last winter when I would sometimes go in the evening to swim. He would always be sitting in the hot tub, staring at people (mainly teen aged girls in bikinis) in a very creepy way.

Last week he started showing up to the pool in the mornings. He doesn't swim. He doesn't sit in the hot tub. He sits on the bench in his swim trunks and stares at everyone.

And I'm sorry--I know this is unfair to say--but he looks like a predator. I know that anyone can be a pedophile or a creep or a generic sicko, but this guy looks like the image we all have in our heads of what one would look like.

Except he kind of looks a little like Santa, too. Long white white hair, long white beard...

So, double creepy.

I almost want to say something to the aquatics director about him, but what do you say?
"Hey, that guy creeps me out."
"No, he hasn't done anything."
"Well, no, he's never said anything."
"Just kick him out because he looks like a pedophile, O.K.?"

See? They probably wouldn't take me seriously.

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