Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dramatic much?

Cuter when he was too young to speak.

I was getting letters from the kids ready to mail to Will this morning, and I happened to glance at the letters from Ben.

The first couple were just random things going on at school and in the book he's reading. But then about three letters in, we come to this:

Dear dad, Mom hasn't let me play Wii in a month! For no reason! She's just being mean...

And then this:

...Please come home soon. Mom threw the Wii in the trash and she doesn't feed us dinner anymore...

And the grand finale:

Dear dad, Please come home now. Mom keeps us locked in our rooms and she made Liam stay at school until 5:00 on Friday because she doesn't even like him. She made Amelia scrub the floor with her toothbrush and then she made her brush her teeth with it! She didn't even let us go trickertreating [sic]. I haven't tasted candy in a year. I think she is poisoning us because we all through [sic] up on Sunday. Also she made me wear my pajamas to church...

I guess my secret is out. Please don't call child protective services on me, O.K.?

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