Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Greatest Hits Volume III: Kai Lan gives a lesson in swearing

Sorry for diving back into the archives yet again, but I think I may be going blind. Again. (Long story for a day when I can see).

Anyway, this episode was on again today, so I thought I'd re-post it.

What Did She Say?

(Originally posted December 6, 2008)

So, Amelia was watching Ni Hao yesterday. Ni Hao is like Dora the Explorer, except it teaches Chinese. Instead of being named Dora, she's named Kai-Lan, but pretty much everything else is the same. I'm surprised there hasn't been a lawsuit.

Anyway, I hear Amelia saying what sounds like the S word. You know, the naughty word for poop. I would just write it, but I know it would completely offend some of my readers.

So, I go in to see why she's saying a word we don't ever use. Here's what I saw:

(Go over to my playlist on the right and click the pause button, then turn up your speakers a little.)

Maybe we need to start watching Sesame Street instead.

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