Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quick, tell me I'm skinny.

I'm having a fat day. I feel like I'm a size 28 again. I put on five different outfits this morning and decided I looked like a cow in all of them. I even put on Spanx, which I thought were a thing of the past, but they somehow made me look fatter.

I keep looking at this picture of myself from about 2 years ago and reminding myself that even with the extra 15 pounds I've put on since May, I'm still 140 pounds lighter than I was then. That even though my pants have gone up a size (or two, depending on the brand), I'm still in the single digits.

It helps. But feel free to tell me that I'm skinny and pretty and smart and awesome, O.K.?

(O.K., as requested, a current picture of myself).

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