Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm pretty sure Elvis will somehow be involved.

So, internets, remember last January and The Weekend of Awesome? No? Well go read that link, then. Geez people.

Anyway, The Weekend of Awesome is happening again this year, but it will be in March instead of January, and instead of being on the beach in North Carolina, it will be in Las Vegas!

So, if you're interested in coming along and you don't have a penis, e-mail me. I need a final head count, yesterday.

A few details:

-The dates are March 21st through March 25th (That's Monday through Friday, so it will be the WEEK of Awesome this year).

-It's going to cost approximately $120 total for your portion of the house rental (The more people who come, the less it will cost).

-It will be a large private house with several bedrooms and bathrooms and probably a pool. I can't choose a house definitely until I know how many it needs to accommodate.

-If we do the food like last year, it will cost about $30-$40 total for the week.

-NO KIDS ALLOWED. I do this to escape my own kids. I certainly don't want to deal with yours. Nursing mothers can of course bring their infants, however you should keep in mind that we will be in Las Vegas, and that means you will be toting your nursing infant on the strip. But, I suppose your stroller would be a handy place to store all those nudie show and whore house flyers that will be thrust at you.

-You will be sharing a bedroom, and unless you bring an air mattress, you will be sharing a queen size bed.

-I will set a deadline for commitment, and will base the cost of the house on that number, so once you commit, you are responsible for payment of your portion EVEN IF YOU CANCEL. Otherwise, I will be stuck footing your portion of the bill, and as much as I love you all, I don't have the money for that. (Telling me right now that you want to come is NOT a commitment. I'll verify everything with you personally before you'd become responsible for payment).

-Payment will be due in full in mid February (specific date to be determined soon).

-Obviously the costs listed do NOT include your travel expenses.

O.K., I think that's it. If you want in on this, I need to know NOW.
My e-mail address is on the right, near the top.

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