Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh, the irony.

So, in the midst of Scrapgate 2010, I happened to look around the room in which I compose this here little blog.

And this is what I saw.

Innocuous enough at first glance.

But when you look closer you see all this.
Modgepodge. Thirty-five different types of edging scissors.
Stickers. Glue dots, tape pens and other fancy adhesives.
Rubber stamping stuff. X-Acto knives. Decorative embellishments.

Cardstock scraps. Rub-ons. Various sheets of letter stickers.
Fancy paper punches. Brads. Wire. Beads. Embossing supplies.

Important papers or bills, you might be thinking? Nope.
Trays and trays of cardstock arranged by color.

And the most damning of all.
Hundreds and hundreds of 12x12 sheets of SCRAPBOOK PAPER.

No, I don't scrapbook, but I do craft. And I do have kids who like to get creative with paper and glue. I do get suckered into making things for various church assignments. (And for the record, I only bought about about a quarter of this stuff. The rest was given to me by scrapbookers who wanted to lighten their load a little.)

Anyway, after all the fuss about my dislike of scrapbooking, I thought it was kind of funny that I was surrounded by the tools of the trade.

Hobbies are great--even scrapbooking if that's your thing. It's when you do your hobby, what ever it may be, for the wrong reasons, or if doing it has negative consequences (like, you have no extra money, yet you keep buying supplies. Or you ignore your family to do it. Or you do it to try to be better than someone else. Or you have a whole blog devoted to your hobby and when some other blogger writes a post about not liking your hobby, you write a mean spirited blurb with a link to said blog post on your hobby blog, but that link allows me the blogger who doesn't like your hobby to find your e-mail address and home address and place of employment and boss' name and I the blogger who doesn't like your hobby uses it to tell your boss what you're doing at work and to send you a handmade Christmas card. Hi, Donna C.! Merry Christmas!).

Anyway, don't forget! Tonight is the deadline for entries in the Scrapgate 2010 Great Scrapoff! I have about 6 entries so far, and they're pretty good. Most people have told me that they've made their pages at for free (using items that cost zero credits).

The winner will be announced Monday.

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