Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bad Girl's Club

So I'm back. For a minute anyway.

I made a choice to publicly vent my anger on here, so I feel like I need to set some things straight publicly as well.

First, I spoke with the person who talked to the bishop about my blog. All I can say is that if I were in this person's shoes, I probably would have done exactly the same thing. The insanity that followed was not caused by this person, nor did they intend for it to happen. So, no more badmouthing the "tattler."

Also, my bishop had nothing to do with my decision to stop blogging. My bishop is a good and kind man. So, no more badmouthing my bishop.

I contributed a great deal to my own problem by yelling, whining, crying and generally acting like a lunatic for nearly a week and sharing my indignation with pretty much everyone I know. That part alone (the sharing my indignation with everyone) created its own set of issues, including gossip and having e-mails changed and forwarded and misinformation being passed around. So, shame on me for that.

I do have reasons why I'm choosing to put the blog on hold. There are some very sick people in this world, and one such person decided to take advantage of the situation in a cruel way.

I'm keeping the comments off, but if you need to contact me, you're welcome (as always) to e-mail me. The address is over there -----> somewhere (or you can use my private e-mail address if you have it).

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