Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is it wrong to Febreze a human?

So, Ben's friend is over playing.

Last night he showed up at 6:00. He's never been here before and I've never met him nor his parents. He says, "Is this where Ben lives?" I say yes. "Can I sleep over?" Ummm, no.

But I did tell him he could come over after 11 am today and play until we leave at 5. At 11 am on the dot he was here. His grandma dropped him off. She was just going to drive away, but I chased her down so she stopped. Silly me, wanting to know things like what time do you want him home? Where do you live? Can I feed him lunch? Any food allergies? Anything else I need to know--like a history of starting fires or anything? You know, the little things.

So, he's here playing.

And the boy reeks. It's a combination of cigarette smoke and 10 year old boy B.O.

I know it's not his fault, but I really, really want to Febreze him.

Maybe I could put it in a Super-Soaker and send them out to squirt each other?


  1. Wow. If he needed to be dropped off, where does he live that he magically showed up the day before? I would never just drop off my kid at a place I didn't know well, let alone take someone else's in. I'm not sure if it's ok to Febreez a kid. Definitely keep him outdoors and is it wrong to put soapy water in the water balloons/super soakers?

  2. There used to be a family in our ward like that. The kids (ages 9, 7, and 4) would run wild through the neighborhood, showing up at your house out of nowhere. They could be playing at a psycho killer's house and their mom would have no clue.

  3. At least give them plain old water in the super soakers. It's gotta help a little.

  4. Oh my gosh I was laughing so hard at what you said.
    "like a history of starting fires or anything? You know, the little things."

    yes we need to know the little things. ha ha ha...

    Brandi you are so nice to open up your house to this little boy. I bet he loves coming to your house and the safty he feel there.

    So when is he moving in? I bet he wants to spend every day there...

  5. I say Febreze him! I also say I'm probably too late to weigh in on this (stupid Hawaii time difference)

    My kids chase me around the house when I'm spraying Frebreze--I have to do it quietly now. Is that weird? At least they smell delicious!

  6. I'd get him over to your home as much as possible. Once you get the scoop, you may have more information that leads you to call Child Protective Services. Definitely something wrong with people just dropping him off....

  7. did grandma come back and get him?

  8. His mother (who seemed surprisingly normal) came to pick him up.

    They're going to Six Flags tomorrow, but he asked if he could come back Friday. I gave them my number and told him to call, but probably yes.

  9. OK, I'm totally feeling sorry for that poor smelly kid. I'm glad you're letting him come over. And don't worry, it's almost summertime, so plenty of opportunities to douse the kid with water and de-stinkify him.

  10. brandi

    too bad you dont have that pool set up anymore, you could add extra chlorine.

    i make my boys shower, put on deodorant, and put on "man spray" AKA spray deodorant,everyday...

    if i were you i'd suggest it to his mother that he has to shower and put on man spray before he comes...

  11. Yes, Sylwia, I know you would suggest that. The rest of us have tact.


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