Thursday, April 30, 2009

Surprised. But not really.

So, you all know who Jon and Kate Gosselin are, right? Jon & Kate Plus Eight? The couple from Pennsylvania with a set of twins and a set of sextuplets and they have a reality show on TLC? Yeah, them.

Have you been reading about Jon's antics of late? First there was the story of him carousing with college co-eds. Trying to kiss them, telling them he was getting a divorce...

Then, while Kate was on the other side of the country (and the kids were being cared for by...whom?), he spent several hours late at night at a club with a woman he referred to as "babe," and staggered out and left with her at 2 am.

On one hand, I'm surprised. On the show he seems like a good guy who loves his family.

On the other hand, I'm shocked it took this long for it to happen. Hello? The man is married to the harpiest of harpies. I think she keeps his testicles in a box in her night stand. She speaks down to him, berates him, belittles him and generally henpecks the man 24/7, regularly on national television. (Go HERE to watch a small clip of what life is like for Jon).

While I don't think adultery is ever the right choice, sometimes...well, sometimes it seems warranted (I know, I know. I'd be singing a different tune if it were my henpecked to death husband hanging at a club calling another woman babe...).

And don't get me started on my feelings about the changes on the show in general. When it started out, it was a peek into a sweet family (though headed by a harpie) just trying to live an ordinary life under extraordinary circumstances. Now? Now it's all about the fame and the money and the 1.3 million dollar, 7000 sq. foot home and the extravagant vacations and...and...who the heck is caring for the "plus eight" part of the equation, anyway? Is $25,000 an episode (what they reportedly receive) worth it?

So, where do you stand on this? How do you feel about Jon Gosselin? Kate? The show in general?

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