Friday, May 1, 2009

Off the grid.

Have I mentioned that rural Georgia sucks?

We're moving this week (got the keys this morning), but our current cable/phone/internet provider (Charter, who has been excellent) doesn't have service in our new neighborhood. Their office and ginormous satellite receiver are quite literally across the street, but inexplicably service hasn't made it's way across the road in the two years the subdivision has existed.

Satellite is our only option for TV, and AT&T is the only option for phone and internet.

Dish Network came and got everything set up for us two hours ahead of schedule this morning and catered (happily) to our every whim (and tolerated Will acting like Kate Gosselin--which is rare. I'm usually the harpie around here). They get a gold star. Two of them, in fact. Right. On. Their. Forehead.

AT&T, however, is on my list. Somebody's testicles are coming off with a dirty spoon.

We asked for service to be started today. It's not like I called yesterday to set up the appointment. I called nearly three weeks ago. They say they'll call me back with an appointment. I finally get a (automated) call at 6:30 tonight saying the appointment is on Wednesday and I need to be home between 8 am and 7 pm. Umm, yeah. I'm not staying home for eleven hours. And I couldn't that day if I wanted to. So I call them back to reschedule. A) They have my order totally wrong. 2) They have me listed as a small business owner. And H) If I don't take the Wednesday appointment, we'll have to wait until next Monday. Also? The woman is speaking like she has a mouth full of cotton balls. I keep having to ask her to repeat everything.

So, I finally ask for a manager. Having worked in a call center previously, I know that normally it doesn't help. Unless the original person you were speaking with is an idiot. And oh, she was an idiot of the highest order.

I talk to the manager who gets the order straight and then tells me that they can set the appointment up as a "remote activation," meaning I don't have to be there. For some reason they still can't flip that switch before Wednesday, though.

So anyway, the point of all this? I will only have internet when I come back to the crap hole we currently call home from now until Wednesday, so I will be scarce for a few days. And? Georgia sucks.

When I come back, pictures of the new house. Lots of 'em.

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