Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A little more.

I got a little more done today.

Here's the master bathroom. I'm pretty sure it has more square footage than Ben's room at the old house did.

When you walk in you see this.

If you hang a left at the shower you'll see this. A room just for the toilet.

But if you hang a right at the shower, you'll see this.

Which houses this.
It's bigger than the picture makes it seem. And it was one of my favorite things about the house. But, I've yet to have a chance to use it.

Look! A real live laundry room! Sure, it's small, but it's a hundred times better than the closet in my kitchen where they lived in my old house.

And though I'll miss having my own secret hatch into the Dharma Orchid Station...

This back yard apparently has its own secret hatch into hell.

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