Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fat Pants

So, today is my four month surgiversary. I have lost 85 pounds since January 14th (115 since September 7th when I first met with my surgeon). I'm 41 pounds away from my goal weight.

January14---------------------May 14 (85 pounds lost)

Just for kicks I decided to try on my fat pants--I kept one pair of pants from when I was at my largest--a size 26. I fit in one leg of them. I now wear size 12 pants and plain old size large tops. I don't even glance at the plus size section anymore.

fat pants

And though losing the weight with relative ease is nice, there have been some problems. Namely, my hair and teeth. My hair--oh my poor, poor hair. First it was butchered by a crazy stylist about nine months ago. It never really recovered, and the surgery has made it worse. It won't grow. It falls out by the handful. It's dry and brittle and frizzy. I've seriously thought about a wig some days. And my teeth. I've never had great teeth, but now my gums are disappearing at an alarming pace, apparently a side effect of not enough nutrients. I'm going to have to suck it up and see the dentist about it soon. Have I mentioned I fear the dentist above all else? I'd rather touch a spider while dangling from a rooftop 50 floors up while eating food prepared in a dirty kitchen than see a dentist. I've had exactly two real panic attacks in my life and both were in the dentist's chair.

But, it's a small price to pay. I take very little insulin now--less and less every month. I'm off all blood pressure meds, and most recently I found out that my cholesterol is normal (I had been on two drugs for that prior to the surgery).

Now, if only my boobs would stop shrinking...

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