Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cleavage, heels, drawls and non-blondes.

So, Thursday was Liam's Pre-K graduation. Let me count the ways in which it sucked:

1. It started an hour and a half late.
2. There were not nearly enough chairs, so we spent 2 hours on the nasty carpet of the day room where the two year olds pee and vomit and wipe their noses.
3. The caps and gowns we all paid $20 for didn't show up, so they wore some ratty borrowed ones.
4. I forgot to put a memory card in my camera, so no pictures of the suckiness.
5. Liam got a raging case of stage fright and stood there silently as all his classmates sang boisterously.
6. Parents knocking each other out of the way and blocking everyone else's view to get a good picture.
7. The woman who let her daughter run around wild and disrupt everyone and everything while the parent loudly threatened "I'm-a gonna beat yer ass off, girrrl" from the sidelines (but never actually did anything).
8. The indescribable smell that emanates from a group of 60+ four year olds.
9. The glare off the center director's grillz every time she opened her mouth to speak.
10. The amount of cleavage and platform heels present would have made Hugh Hefner blush.

In other news, my hair doesn't like to take color. I got a great cut and a few highlights, but the caramel-y color she put on didn't do anything. In a couple of months, we'll add more (and lighter) highlights and gradually lighten everything. Apparently bleach is the only thing that can change my hair. My new stylist is great--I just have hair that wants to stay brown no matter what.

Here's a picture, but you can't really see the highlights. They're more noticeable in person (I think, anyway).

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