Monday, May 11, 2009

Please don't throw things at my head.

This was going to be a confession of sorts. It still is, I guess--just with a happy (though likely annoying to the rest of you) ending.

Here's the confession part: I fell off the diet and exercise wagon in a big way last week. My excuse was moving and being sick. Those are sort of acceptable reasons to not work out a single time in EIGHT days, but not much of an excuse for eating complete crap that whole time, too.

Cheese popcorn. Chex mix. Taco Bell. McDonald's. Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Carbonation!!! (I paid dearly for that one, though. Holy gas...). I could go on, but it might make me vomit just thinking about it.

I hadn't weighed myself the whole time, either. I conveniently left the scale at the old house until the last trip.

I expected to have gained a few pounds, and expected to have to confess that to all of you.

But here's the annoying (to you) part that may cause you to want to throw things at my head:
I lost four pounds.


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