Thursday, May 14, 2009

What lies in the shadow of the statue?

Did you see LOST???? HOLY CRAP. HOLY CRAP!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!


S'okay. I don't even care about the whole Jacob and the bad guy in black part. I'll rewatch all that later.

But LaSawyeur and Juliet? I was sobbing. The whole time I was thinking Jack was such an ass for wanting to erase what had happened. I was hoping after the bomb failed that Jack would get sucked into the hole and die. But NOT JULIET!!!! (Sob sob sniffle). So, when she woke up (!!!) and detonated the bomb I was actually relieved. I'd rather have them not know each other than have to look at LaSawyeur's sad, sad face all next season. And know that Sayid bled to death. And that Jack lived.

But what if it didn't work? Are they all just dead? And what if it did work? Will next season just be life after they land at LAX? Will they all find each other without the island?


Oh, but the highlight of the night? LaSawyeur kicking Jack in the nads. Raise your hand if you've been waiting five seasons for that.

Hmmm...what else... I'm glad to know that Evil Locke isn't really Locke. I wasn't liking him being evil. I'm glad Locke's really dead. And I'm glad Hurley knows that he's blessed, not cursed. And I think Ben had his first honest moment ever when he was confronting Jacob. And Richard Alpert still creeps me the hell out.

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