Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The new house. Or most of it, anyway.

I had several women over for a craft night tonight, so it was good motivation to get the living areas unpacked and organized.

Welcome to the new Douglass abode:

The view from our front door.

Supposed to be a formal dining room, but it's right there when you walk in the front door. Plus, we don't have a formal dining table. And we have three monkey children. So, it's a little sitting room/reading room/colossal waste of space.

The awesome tray ceiling in the colossal waste of space.

Looking from the living room into the dining/kitchen. And Liam trying to be in the picture.

Looking from the dining area through the kitchen.

Looking through the other way, toward the dining area. And Will working hard on a paper that was due last week.

Amelia's room.

Liam's room.

And this one is just for Marianne and Harmony.

I still have a ton of unpacking to do, too.

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