Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It always comes back to sex.

One of the things that came up (and I'm sure lots of things,umm, came up...) after the sex advice posts was that it's hard (and I'm sure lots of things were, umm, hard...) to shop for "marital aids" without encountering pornography.

Problem solved.

There's a company based in Utah (and run by an LDS couple) called Simply Sweet Marriage. So, if you wanted to know what the buzz about Rabbits was all about (and I'm sure there was a lot of, umm, buzzing...), or if you wanted to find a book with sex tips that isn't borderline porn, this is the place.

About the company in their own words:

My husband and I began our marriage journey over 10 years ago. After the kids came, things changed; We made time for each other a priority, but I had difficulty talking about things relating to intimacy. I looked for books that would help me learn to talk about intimacy. Most books were pornographic in nature and even “soft” pornographic images can be damaging to an individual and a marriage. With some difficulty I sought and found good books that were not pornographic. I came to realize that I thought that husbands and wives were not supposed to talk about intimate details within their own sexual relationship. I realized that sex for pleasure is good and healthy. Husbands and wives are meant to have an enjoyable sexual relationship within marriage.

Ideas learned from these books lead me to look for intimate products that assist in marital relations. Finding products without the lure of pornography was nearly impossible. My search for intimate marital products slowly evolved into the idea of an online store where couples would have a safe environment that is free of pornography and its damaging effects.

Our goal at Simply Sweet Marriage is to provide the resources, products, and apparel for husbands and wives to cultivate and increase marital intimacy and make your marriage a place of refuge.

You're welcome.

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