Wednesday, May 27, 2009

People who are more talented than I.

Yeah, that pretty much encompasses...everyone...but I'm talking about a specific person who is more talented than I am today.

Sarah M. (Click that to read her personal blog--she cracks me up). Anyway, Sarah, genius that she is, developed an idea for a product called Thinnerware (patent pending, so don't even think about stealing her brilliant idea. She's got a patent lawyer and she's not afraid to use him). Thinnerware is a line of dishes with measurements for healthy portion sizes cleverly disguised within the design of the dish. For example, my favorite plate:

That large flower on the bottom? About a 1/2 cup of food. The two smaller ones close together on the top right? A serving of meat. The medium-ish sized flower to the left of that? About a 1/4 cup.

There are bowls and cups as well--they have rings inside that measure out a 1/2 cup, 1 cup, etc...

Brilliant, no?

You can easily keep your portion sizes in check without dirtying measuring cups and scales every meal. And? They're pretty.

Sarah hand makes each dish. And the best part (in my opinion) is their curviness.


Click here (or on the button on my sidebar) to view all the designs and colors available.

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