Friday, April 10, 2009

Calling all Mormons (and those who love them).

It finally happened. I had a commenter call me to repentance. I've been waiting for this day.

They were cowardly and chose to do it anonymously, but thanks to the wonders of technology you're never completely anonymous.

I know that you are from the Ft. Meade, Maryland area, so you likely know me (or know of me) from there. I also know who's blog you came through (and they will be notified privately). I also know that you are a Comcast customer and I know your IP address. And if I wasn't so lazy I could find out exactly who you are and file a complaint and cause you a little inconvenience for a week or two.

But I'm nicer than that, so I won't.

If the rest of you would like to read my call to repentance, go HERE and view the comments. It's number 21. Feel free to weigh in on the issue on this post or that one. I'm quite curious to know how the rest of you feel (mainly because this very conversation took place among a group of my friends around midnight last night).


  1. I am from Ft. Meade area, and I am a comcast customer. Is it me? OOOH! I'm dying to know.

    This is the kind of thing that happens when uptight people can't let their hair down and enjoy mature conversation about a subject that concerns everyone. It's sex people! There's nothing wrong with educating one another and having fun doing it.

    I feel sorry for the person who wrote that comment. Shame? I wonder what happened in your life to cause you to be ashamed of sex. There's nothing to be ashamed of. What Brandi is talking about (at least I think so) is adult married sex. You know between husband and wife. What's to be ashamed of?

  2. Nope, pretty sure it's not you. But like I said, I'm too lazy to go that extra mile and contact Comcast to find out. They're not worth my effort and their sad sex life is punishment enough.

  3. I bet 'Boomer' could find out for you. I hear he's a computer whiz.

  4. By their fruits ye shall know them.

    From what I can tell, these open discussions about sex between husband and wife have resulted in some great "alone time" for many married couples. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels happier overall, better about my marriage, and closer to my spouse because of that. How is that a bad thing? It's not as if any of the suggestions were bad. Did anyone recommend a threesome? Porn? An "open" relationship? No.
    Get over yourself.

  5. It IS Marianne! Shame on you, woman! ;-)

    You know what bugs me more than the self-righteous judgement? This Anonymous crap.

    I totally respect that when Sylwia left comments she left her name and defended them (yes, we all kind of went crazy on her--but let's gloss over that) She was brave. I guarantee you this "Anonymous" will just fade out. Grow a pair, buddy!

    I think Brandi did a great job of an open, respectful discussion on sex. Wives and husbands all over the globe have become closer and more open (yes, and had SEX! SHOCKING!)

  6. What the heck? first of all you have done nothing wrong. Wow what a horrible thing to have a healthy conversation about SEX. Guess what God created sex to be wonderful. God created sex to be fun and exciting. He created Sex so couples could be one. We have said nothing that is shameful. NOTHING!!!! I feel sorry for the individual who obvously didn't read the post's or comments... Whatever!!!!

  7. Wow!!

    Brandi, I read your blog off and on from time to time and do a enjoy catching up. Your blogs are always fun to read. A couple times I've mentioned them to my parents and I must say, you have a few blog followers from one of the Pensacola, FL Lowe's (my dad has shared your blog with some of his co-workers). Marianne sent me over your way recently with all that's happening. I haven't commented merely because I kinda sorta blush reading some of the info on here. Roy & I both grew up in very strict homes and sex was never really mentioned. My feelings on the matter are. . . if you and your spouse are both comfortable, then why not try it out. If you happen to not enjoy, don't repeat. It's that simple. I am quite happy to know that Roy & I are both what I would classify as "normal" in this department.

    Am I the one who sent over your visitor since I mentioned your blog on my blog?

  8. Sorry Monique, it's not just smiley faces. I hate all emoticons. Don't ask why.

    Maybe my parents were killed by an emoticon. (I'd put a winking smiley face here if I didn't hate them so much)

  9. Karen--

    No, it wasn't you. They came through a blogroll link on someone else's blog. No worries!

    Besides, I'm sure crazies have visited other blogs they've found here, so it all balances out in the end. :) <--for Sarah.

  10. I'm not Mormon (I'm Baptist), and honestly, while I find nothing "wrong" with the conversation in the spirit it is intended, I would be REALLY embarrassed to have my pastor read this blog (but, then again, he's pretty much against all things internet (he even had a whole anti-Facebok sermon))...But, I also consider my pastor a second father. I wouldn't want my real dad to see a post I'd written about being shaved...

    Once, I asked a group of the married women from my church if they thought it was taboo to have sex on the Sabbath. I really wanted to know! All I got were giggles and blushing. I mean, really, this was a small group of 30-something married women, and no one would take a sex question seriously.

    I think, in general, we consider sexual relations to be so private that it almost becomes that is a source of shame. I think that's where that poster is coming from. Sex=Shame. Too bad, because it's really, really not.

  11. Oh Brandi. Why do you hate me so?

  12. You know, this person is just doing what they think is right. I have to say that being uptight about talking about sex is something that I have dealt with personally. Marianne can attest to that. I'm pretty sure that I'm over that now! But, like others have commented, this is for married couples to learn some things that might help spice up otherwise glum sexual relationships. So, take what is useful and leave what is not.

  13. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me or even thinking I'm on the fast track to Outer Darkness.

    What annoys me so much about this commenter is that s/he posts an unhelpful, self righteous little outburst and does so anonymously.

    I'm not even exactly certain what it is s/he wants me to be ashamed about.

    Is it the fact that I hosted the conversation in general? Is it that I allowed people to go into somewhat graphic detail?

    At least stick around, be man or woman enough to say who you are, and discuss your concerns in a mature, adult manner.

    Because right now my best guess is that whoever it is got a thrill from reading the posts and is trying to transfer their shame onto me.

  14. Brandi,

    It was me! I somehow managed to redirect my internet to our previous one in MD. WAit, did i even have comcast? I was just jealous of the great sex everyone else was having....wait..i thought i was one of them?

    Seriously, I read stuff like that (anonymous) and it reminds me of the psycho, judgmental crap certain people had when Cj and i first got married back in CA. It's unhealthy and doesn't serve any purpose but to make someone feel holier than thou.

    Now, i'll just let the rest of you sic em some more.

  15. Talking about sex in a mature manner is no big deal.

    At the same time, I asked Brandi if she'd be comfortable with the prophet reading her blog, and never got a straight answer. ;-)

    Some of the stuff (like the naughty innuendo pictures,) is definitely pushing the envelope..

    It's interesting though, I for years made fun of her "phone voice"- so nice and sweet, then she would hang up, turn around and snap at someone.

    Brandi Dear, you definitely have a dual-personality on teh interwebs too... :-)

  16. Judge not, lest ye be judged, little Miss/Mr Anonymous. This is a harmless outlet with great conversation for lots of us. You are ruining the vibe!

  17. what's the big deal brandi? i call you to repentance all the time. it's my job, remember i'm the little girls from charlie brown who wants to be the queen of the world and bosses everyone around...:)

  18. wasn't me, i hate most of the entire state of Maryland. (except my son was accidentally born there, the son I HAD SEX to conceive...)

  19. Will, I think that the telephone voice thing might be my fault. Billy has pointed the very same thing out to me many times. He says that I am sweet and gentle on the phone then hang up and go nuts on him. We all have a persona that we show the outside world and then there is our true persona that only our loved ones get to experience.
    As for the prophet reading her blog. I think that he might feel about it as I did,that it is very apparent that these couples are very much in love and committed to the vows of their marriage.
    You have to remember that two of the people who greatly influenced Brandi while growing up were my sister and cousin Teri. While they are both devoted christians who read scripture everyday they also talk alot of sex and tell some very colorful jokes. I wouldn't want them to be any different. Their combination of faith in God and quirky sense of humor has gotten me through some very tough times.

  20. I think your call to repentance was pretty much my point exactly when I made my comment. It's people like that who shamefully make others feel like SEX is a bad, awful, sinful thing. Come on people, isn't there so much more to do then calling someone to repentance when it is not needed nor wanted. Who said that was your job anyway??

  21. Thank the lords of Kobol we finally got some controversy back up in here. I was ready to stop reading. =D =P ;) (Lots 'o smiley faces for a certain someone.)

    Seriously, it is obvious it was an RLDS member that mistook your site when he/she was searching the interwebs for their next 13-year old, pioneer-dress-wearing mail order bride.

    Anonymous should go back to suppressing their spouse(s)and misinterpreting scripture.

    You should start a thread about the theory of heavenly families and a heavenly mother and blow these self-righteous feeble trolls minds.

    Oh, and bring back Sylwia. She was way better to fight with.

  22. Oh, I wouldn't worry about it. There's absolutely nothing shameful about talking about sex between two loving people in a committed relationship - and I'm sure everyone who contributed or commented knew that this was all in the context of a loving, caring marriage - after all, the best way to make someone happy in bed is to make them happy outside of bed, right? So shame on him/her for judging. I thought it was fun - was a bit thrown off by all the comments about va-jay-jay shaving, though. I seriously wonder if that's a bit of a Mormon thing. I've been around a while (yes, I'm old) and have run in non-Mormon crowds most of that time, with non-Mormon boyfriends and non-Mormon friends who talked about their non-Mormon boyfriends, and never heard so much talk about va-jay-jay shaving before now! Go figure! Must be a Utah thang. :-)


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