Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I was country when country wasn't cool.

O.K., I've never been country.

But I have been a big fan of Thinnerware and its genius creator Sarah since it was just an idea posted on her blog.

And now? Now she's famous.

In case you haven't yet received your copy of November's Better Homes and Gardens (yeah, that's right--Better Homes and Freakin' Gardens!), let me present you with page 236:

Click it to read the article.

Those purty red dishes? Thinnerware. In Better Homes and Freakin' Gardens.

Go buy some while she's still hand making them. (No really, she hand paints them and puts them in the kiln with her own two hands). Pretty soon she'll probably have to outsource to keep up with the orders. So if you buy them now you'll be special-er than people who buy them later.

And to my January girls who don't already know her--she's going to be there. In person. You'll have your very own brush with fame. I bet if you buy some Thinnerware and bring it she'll autograph it for you.

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