Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It hasn't even been 12 hours yet.

So, Will calls me about three hours after he left. He says, "It sounds like my car is going to blow up when I push the gas pedal."


He makes it to the next city, finds a car rental place and then finds a mechanic.

The axle and some other really important parts of the car were toast. It's going to take a few days to get the parts. Oh, and several hundred dollars. Luckily the mechanic was O.K. with Will leaving the car there until he's on his way home in 5 weeks.

Turns out the rental car will cost him $250 even though he'll be returning it tomorrow morning. Since he won't be returning it to the same location, or even a location in the same state, it costs an arm and a leg.

Hopefully he can catch a ride with the other guy from our area as far as the mechanic shop on the way home next month. Otherwise, he'll have to pay another $250 to rent a car to get there.


I'm hoping this means the next five weeks can only get better. Right? Right?

Also, I had made a list of projects to keep myself occupied in the evenings. Out of sheer stress over the possibly about to blow up Subaru and the exorbitant rental car, I finished more than half of them tonight. Anyone have a junk drawer they need cleaned out? A closet that needs organizing? I'm your girl.

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