Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Morning Confessions: Sorry, I Was Busy Edition

Sorry, internets. I totally skipped out on you yesterday, and now here it is 4:00 in the afternoon and I'm just getting around to writing.

Yesterday I spent all day with my real life friends (don't worry, I don't love them more than I love all of you!) (Umm, real life friends--I totally love you more). And today was just busy. Shopping, bathroom cleaning, laundry folding...busy.

Anyway, here we go.

1. Sometimes I get the paranoid feeling that the person behind TAMN reads this blog, and is making fun of me.

2. I would like to inflict physical harm on the mother who thought it would be great idea to send in cupcakes covered in pitch black frosting for a bunch of 5 year olds on picture day.

3. Marianne is such an awesome personal trainer that she was able to totally kick my ass today from 600 miles away.

4. Speaking of Marianne and asses, I was really tempted to make both she and Ariella squeeze my thighs of steel when I saw them last month. I chickened out because I'm shy and awkward like that in person and I was afraid it would come out really, really creepy.

5. It's completely possible to carry on a heated, 90 minute debate with three other women while riding bicycles.

6. The result of that debate? Further confirmation that I'm always right, as is usually the case with people as perfect as I.

7. Today I forgot that Will was even gone. That should give you some idea of the awful hours he's been working for the past 18 months. Here or 400 miles away, I see him equally infrequently.

See? We just leave spots to photoshop him into at a later date.
And yes, I really do resemble a Shar Pei puppy now that I've lost weight.

8. I bought postage stamps today for the first time in two years. Two years! My grand kids will probably think of stamps what Ben thinks of VHS tapes.

9. I'm not taking my kids trick-or treating this year. We're doing a trunk or treat at church tomorrow night, and we might do the trunk or treat at the Y Saturday morning. They don't need any more candy than that. (Oooh, speaking of the Y, I have someone new to tell you about!).

10. My kids have eaten nothing but chicken nuggets (hey, they were home made at least), mac-n-cheese and waffles with fruit since Will left.

And while I've got you here: Amelia got a book in the mail today and I truly have no idea who sent it to her. There was no return address, no card. It's driving me a little bit crazy. So if it was you, let me know! The book is "Come Along Daisy." (And no, it's not one of those book of the month deals where they send you one to rope you in. This was obviously a gift from someone, but I don't know who!)

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