Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Single (sorta) Lady

So, I'm temporarily single.

Will left fifteen minutes ago and won't be back until Thanksgiving.

I know, five weeks isn't so bad. I know there are some of you reading this whose spouses are gone for a year. There are some of you whose spouses are gone for only a month or two (or three) at a time, but they do it two or three times a year. And I know that for some of you, your spouses are in dangerous places doing dangerous work. Will is on his way to Alabama for Warrant Officer school, so I won't even try to compare. We've done the year in the Middle East and I'll take five weeks in Alabama over that any day.

But I'm still sad that he's gone. Because it means I'm going to have to actually parent my children.

So, in an effort to be optimistic, here are the top ten positive things about him being gone:

10. No pee or toenails on the bathroom floor.

9. It will only take 5 seconds to make the bed in the morning. I sleep curled up in the fetal position on the very edge. Will, on the other hand, thrashes around and steals all the covers.

8. No alarm going off at 4 am for PT.

7. For 5 weeks, I'm the favorite parent.

6. More fish and asparagus, less beef and potatoes.

5. Half as much laundry (Seriously, two uniforms a day adds up).

4. My low cal/low carb ice cream sandwiches will stop magically disappearing.

3. I could make frozen waffles for dinner every single night if I wanted to without feeling guilty.

2. HGTV all day, every day.

1. More uninterrupted internet time.

For those of you concerned that I just announced to the world that I'd be home alone for 5 weeks: Umm, have you met us? I'm definitely the scarier one.

And speaking of Single Ladies, watch this. I dare you not to laugh.

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