Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

So, here were the kids last night.

Ben was a knight, Liam was an astronaut and Amelia was a fairy princess.

Ben was mightily disappointed in his costume. I told the kids that I wasn't spending more than $5 and an hour of time on their costumes (because I'm the meanest mom ever). The only reason Liam's is pretty cool is because I hit the mother of all deals at T.J. Maxx a few weeks ago and got that costume for $4.99. Amelia already owned everything she was wearing except for the $2 wings from Wal-Mart. I told Ben repeatedly that his knight costume would consist of dollar store knight items and his gray pajamas.

So, I get out his costume last night and he throws a huge fit. Apparently he was expecting real chainmaille and hammered pewter accessories. I guess I missed that section in Dollar Tree.

As for me, I made a half hearted effort to find a costume yesterday afternoon, but the pickings were slim. I did try on a geisha costume and a pirate whore costume, but they were chintzy and cheap looking and not worth the money. I was about to leave the store and not wear a costume at all when I saw IT. I know it's cheesy, and I know that a million other people would be wearing the same thing, and I knew that most people at church eschew evil reality TV and would have no idea who I was, but I decided to do it anyway.

The funniest part? When Ben saw me in it he said, "Why are you dressing up like Grammy?" (Grammy is my mother).

Yup, definitely a resemblance.

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