Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blogging under the influence.

So, internets, I lived!

I'm really sore, although not as sore as I thought. I convinced myself I'd be in excruciating agony. But, I felt good enough that I refused a morphine shot. But I also hurt enough that I'm popping the Percocet as often as I'm allowed. Really, the worst part has been lingering nausea from the anesthesia.

I still don't know what I look like. The surgeon told me not to remove the binder (like a big velcro corset) or the bandages until around noon today--when I can shower for the first time (I look--and probably smell--like Claire from Lost).

Anyway, internets, I'm really scared to remove the bandages. I'm afraid that my pannus will still be there. Because, to be honest, with all the bandages and swelling, my gut sticks out just as much as before. I'm worried that I ditched the Spanx for nothing.

I'm realistic enough to not expect a flat, taut, supermodel belly--ever. Even once the scars have faded and the swelling subsides. And I've been told by others who've had it done to expect it to look a little crazy and deformed for awhile (like, months and months). So, I'm prepared for that. But I'm terrified of the thought of leftover pannus.

O.K., so the narcotics are kicking in and I can barely see the key board anymore. I'm going to go sleep for awhile. And then it'll be time to remove the bandages. Eeeek.

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