Friday, May 21, 2010

Things that are awesome for $200, Alex.

So, internets. We did it. Will and I emerged from the stone age and got real phones last night. Phones that do stuff. Awesome stuff. I could write this blog entry on it if I wanted, but it seems like a lot of unnecessary work since I've got my laptop right here. But I totally could do it if I wanted to!

I appreciate all the input from you guys. It was really helpful (honestly!), but we didn't go with any of your suggestions. We ended up going with Sprint and got these babies:

Samsung Moment with Android

They're pretty darn close to the Verizon Droid, but the Sprint plan was $50 a month cheaper for way more minutes.

In other awesome news, Liam graduated from Kindergarten today. That in itself isn't all that awesome. I mean, Kindergarten isn't even required in, like, 47 states. What was awesome about it was this:

The little dude was just getting down with his bad self. Did you see the robot dance at the end? He was doing it--elaborately--for a good 5 minutes before I started filming. I'd post a video of Liam, but apparently he suffers from severe stage fright. Every concert, every ceremony...any time he's in front of a crowd, he freezes up, gets that deer in the headlights look and crams all his fingers into his mouth while he stands mute and unmoving. Hopefully he'll outgrow it at some point, because how embarrassing would it be if he couldn't accept his high school diploma because eight out of his ten fingers are crammed in his mouth?

Also awesome? Our polygamist neighbors moved back to Saudi Arabia a few weeks ago, but a new Saudi polygamous family moved in a few houses away (and into four other houses in the neighborhood). And five of the nine kids were all in Liam's class. Mohammed, Bandar, Gabir, Fahd and Taja. Apparently Mr. Al Zarhani was busy in 2003.

And ...that's all the awesome I can take for today. My innards hurt. You'd think that they'd hurt right after the surgery, not nearly three weeks later. And it's not even tied to movement. Just every 20 minutes or so it feels like someone is using a roto-tiller on my abs. That's decidedly not awesome.

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