Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"I think they drugged me!"

Oh wait- that was five years ago. Brandi was freaking out on the operating table so someone sneaked over and injected some kind of milky white stuff into her IV tube, and she fell asleep. She woke up a few minutes later, saying the above.

You'd probably be freaking out too if you'd just had a C-section but then they let you see the baby for all of 2 seconds before they rushed him to a different room and didn't bring him back....

Brandi is okay- feeling woozy last time I saw her and kind of nauseous. She had a bandage which covered her entire abdomen, and lots of tubes. Staying overnight at the hospital, if all goes well she should be coming home tomorrow around noon.

Now that the kids are in bed I have a minute to catch up and miss her, Amelia took it the harderst, she wanted a hug before bed.

See you all later,

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