Friday, May 28, 2010

Guest Post: Kids and Sex

Today's post comes from Emily, also known as The Mothership. I meant to post this this morning, but I had to get up at 3:30 am to be on the road by 5:00 am, and things like blog posts didn't enter my sleep deprived mind. (By the way, did I mention I'm in Tennessee this weekend? I am. I saw the house we'll be living in as of July. More on that next week. ) Enjoy, and I can't wait to read your comments!

I know Brandi's readers like to talk about sex and since she most likely hasn't been up to it right now, maybe a little levity about it is in order.

We're not exactly shy about the birds and the bees at our house. We are rather overt in our public displays of affection when we are at home. My husband and I are married, you see, and that's one of the major perks of marriage. Also, we've made a lot of kids together and each new pregnancy warrants new questions from now-older children. (When you have smart kids and try to answer questions as they come, the whole stork explanation doesn't work for long.)

We have fielded many questions. One, mid-pregnancy, after some apparent eavesdropping, was "Do you have to keep having sex to stay pregnant?"

Another questioner, on a Sunday afternoon, must have noticed mussed hair after our alone time because after I walked out of our room, I was asked, "Are you pregnant now, Mom?"

Sometimes, sitting in the living room, on opposites sides of the room, fully clothed, we'll tell the kids, "Go away, we're having sex," just so they'll leave us alone.

Is that bad?

So, the other day was my husband's birthday. I handed him his last present, after a succession of socks, sweatpants and his own Mountain Dew, and said, "Here's your big present." To which, my son said, "Yeah, Dad. It is your big present from Mom, 'Something special for when I meet you in bed later.'" Complete with knowing grin and raised eyebrows.

Luckily, I had the camera in my hand and was able to catch his instant blush and what-did-I-just-say expression.

(Please note The Book of Virtues in the background. Ahh, irony.)

Obviously my husband was rather let-down when it was just a backpacking stove and not anything special for anyone's bed.

What are your favorite stories?

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