Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Take the last train to Clarksville

So, with all the wonky thyroid/tummy tuck craziness, I forgot to mention that we have a house to move into when we move in seven weeks.

Holy crap, I move in seven weeks.

We'll be living in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Save it. I've heard it. And I'm pretty much going to punch the next person who starts singing that song to me when they hear we're moving to Clarksville. Right in the face. Unless you're a former Monkee yourself (except Micky because Micky always annoyed me and I'd probably punch him anyway) or you're Marcia Brady and Davy Jones was your dreamy prom date, you are not allowed to sing Monkees songs to me. Ever.


There was a long waiting list for housing on the Army post, and it would have meant going back to multi-family living (And let's face it--I've been spoiled and I don't want to go back to sharing a wall with another family unless the trade off is living in a foreign country), and Amelia would not have been able to start kindergarten for another year. So we opted to live off post.

I'd been looking at houses but not seriously because we wouldn't be able to start the lease until July 1st and the houses I was looking at were all available now. But then I stumbled across one that isn't available until July 1st. And it's bigger than where we are now by a couple hundred square feet, but the same rent amount. And it's in a great neighborhood with the schools I was hoping for. It has an awesome play structure in the back yard that pretty much sealed the deal. And, O.K., the house--it's pretty.

We have a friend that lives in the area and she went and toured the home and took lots of pictures. There's a room covered in various Nintendo and cartoon character murals, which would be awesome for the boys, but it's the bedroom we'd need to put Amelia in. Call me a snob, but I'm not putting Amelia and her girly bedroom furnishings in a bedroom covered with Mario and Luigi. Also, there's hideous wall paper border in a couple of rooms. So, I talked to the owner and she gave the go ahead for us to paint and pull down the borders. So we took it!

As happy as I am to be getting anywhere North of Georgia, I will miss our house here. I love it. Every thing in it is new. We'll be downgrading appliances and fixtures slightly when we move. And my stuff just works in this house. I'm worried it won't look as nice in the new house. And I'm someone who watches HGTV 12 hours a day when confined to the house, so how my house looks is a big freakin' deal to me. I'm already driving Will crazy with my plans for the new house.

Half of the front of the house

The other half of the front of the house
(Just put them together in your mind)

The awesome back yard that will keep my kids out of my hair.
For at least a few minutes, anyway.

The lovely neighborhood.

So, internets, what do you think? Who wants to come help me move?

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